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my love...
3 May 2010

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2 May 2010

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...3 del 43!
1 May 2010

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yellow machine...
30 April 2010

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28 April 2010

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Louvre Museum
23 April 2010

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"Luxemburg gardens"
22 April 2010

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...arde mississippi
7 April 2010

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"spring flowers"
2 April 2010

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...duty free
10 March 2010

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6 March 2010

Recent Comments

Joana B. on ...dome

fotomaestrat on my love...
Buena composición, saludos.

M@ndy on my love...
looks a great day

Self-Indulgence on my love...
What a lovely way to photograph her! The blue and the gold make an excellent background.

Curly on my love...
Fabulous exposure, spot on.

payam on my love...
Beautiful colours & nice compo.

vintche on "walled cliff"
very very nice exposure ! I like the way that you add the first building in the picture.

Adam on my love...
Beautiful light and colours here!

Adam on ...3 del 43!

Adam on ...dome
What wonderful angles and shapes - a great perspective Gimti!

k@ on my love...
Cool low angle & sunny mood

Self-Indulgence on ...dome
Beautiful architecture!

Self-Indulgence on yellow machine...
Very nice symmetrical shot!

Self-Indulgence on ...3 del 43!
So many!! They do that here too.

Self-Indulgence on "Igor..."
Igor has a great expression!

M@ndy on yellow machine...
vibrant colours

M@ndy on ...3 del 43!
great placement

M@ndy on "Igor..."
here's looking at you kid

Curly on yellow machine...
Don't know what this is, but it really suits my taste and mood right now! Mechanical and organised, but still ...

Amanda on convergence...
Beautiful tones and a gorgeous area...probably full of history!

Curly on convergence...
This is wonderful, not only from the pov and the composition, but also the toning!

Justin on convergence...
me gusta el angula que eligio

Amir Taheri Kondar on ...bird
marvelous !

Amanda on ...bird
These golden tones are amazing!

Amanda on Louvre Museum
Very romantic image--I feel like I'm watching an old movie!

Adam on ...bird
Wonderful colours here!

Adam on round...
Nice perspective!

Krunal on ...bird
lovely perspective

drphoto on red sky over París...
This has a sense of apocolypse about it,. I like it! Dan

Curly on red sky over París...
Fabulous picture!

drphoto on ...seafood
Great shot! Love the detail. Dab

Adam on Campos de Marte...
Stunning colours! They really bring this evening capture to life!

Adam on River views!
Beautiful composition and colours Gimti!

Teresa on Dubrovnik...through the window!
Almost mystical.

Teresa on ...duty free
Loves written all over his face.

Teresa on ...arde mississippi
Superb work!

Teresa on "walled cliff"
Strong Photo draws you right in...

Teresa on Paris...
Fabulous Shot, I was there and never saw it from that angle. Well done!

foto-rolero54 on Campos de Marte...
Wonderful shot!

Curly on Campos de Marte...
I love the strange green and orange night colours here, are they real or is the colour temperature a bit off?

Self-Indulgence on Paris...
It has the feel of an old postcard yet the clarity of course of a modern photo.

Self-Indulgence on Montparnasse Tower
This is simply spectacular!

Self-Indulgence on River views!
Excellent view, love the color palette!

Josh on River views!
Beautiful panorama. Very nice clarity and great composition. The trees that hug the shore further down are an ...

Curly on River views!
Great colours and so crystal clear!

B.Held on ...arde mississippi
i am in awe of this

B.Held on River views!
the colors really draw you in . . . interesting find :)

Curly on Montparnasse Tower
I agree, it centres the light bang on target at the end of the building.

Adam on Montparnasse Tower
Love the vignetting here - works very well.

Adam on Paris...
Outstanding shot - what a wonderful view, and processed just right.

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